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Power Charged Principles
Power Charged is our proprietary system of effectiveness, developed based on extensive research on traits that distinguish successful individuals, groups, and organizations. We identified twelve critical skills that successful individuals typically possess. As shown to the right, Power Charged is an acronym; each letter stands for one of twelve Power Charged Principles™.

Each of the Power Charged Principles is supported by a set of training modules that makes the lessons easy to understand, learn, and integrate into your daily professional and personal life. The training modules include hundreds of real-life case studies from business, politics, sports, entertainment, and other newsworthy events in order to make the concepts more tangible. These modules are taught in our Power Charged Training™ programs. The Power Charged Principles are also closely integrated into all our other services. Some of the underlying skills incorporated into each principle include:

Prioritize   Confidence
• Identify priorities   • Develop self-confidence
• Analyze relationships   • Advance preparation
• Prioritize tasks & projects   • Project a confident image
• Time management   • Dress for success
• Organize   • Speak with confidence
• Delegate   • Public speaking
Observe   Humor
• Use your intuition   • Use humor
• Generate ideas   • Appropriateness of humor
• Embrace change   • Develop your sense of humor
• Active listening   Appreciation
• Observe body language   • Keep your perspective
• Self analysis   • Count your blessings
• Ten Timeless Truths™   • Remove attachment to outcomes
• Learn from mistakes   • Destructive nature of greed
• Challenge assumptions   • Appreciate and recognize others
• Ask questions   Responsibility
• Focus on reality   • Seize control of your life
Win - Win   • Avoid needless worrying
• Win by helping others win   • Control negative emotions
• Use negotiation skills daily   • Let go of the past
• Prepare for negotiations   • Move beyond blame
• Manage negotiation issues   • Apologize sincerely
• Interpersonal strategies   • Accept responsibility
• Group negotiations   • Proactively improve situations
• Post-negotiation behavior   Growth
• Create buy-in   • Sleep soundly
Empathize   • Eat nutritiously
• Consider others' perspectives   • Exercise regularly
• Tailor your message   • Reduce stress
• Giving advice and criticizing   • Boost your brainpower
• Anticipate others' reactions   • Build new friendships
• Accept others as they are   • Find your purpose
• Connect with each person   Enthusiasm
Respect   • Love what you do
• Self-respect   • Interact enthusiastically
• Set an example   • Have fun
• Ethical behavior   Determination
• Earn respect from others   • Establish realistic stretch goals
• Manage with respect   • Identify change inhibitors
• Seven Social Sins™   • Develop motivation to change
• Consequences of bragging   • Take risks
• E-mail with respect   • Achieve your goals

To learn more about how you, your employees, or your organization can benefit from the Power Charged system of effectiveness, please see Services.

• Prioritize
• Observe
• Win-Win
• Empathize
• Respect
• Confidence
• Humor
• Appreciation
• Responsibility
• Growth
• Enthusiam
• Determination