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We boost employee and organizational effectiveness
Our objective is to improve the effectiveness of our clients and their employees, thereby boosting profitability, productivity, and satisfaction. We strive to develop well-rounded, high-performing individuals and smoothly-operating organizations. We believe that an organization can be successful only if its employees have the necessary skills to perform with excellence and if organizational processes empower employee performance. We also believe that personal and professional lives are inherently intertwined, and problems in one area inevitably affect the other. Therefore we focus on improving both the personal and professional lives of each individual. Furthermore, we strive to replace dysfunctional structure with streamlined, enabling processes.

At the core of all our services is our proprietary Power Charged™ system of effectiveness. Our Power Charged Training™ programs teach in a group setting the broad effectiveness skills that employees need to perform at their peak potential, and our Power Charged Coaching™ service individually teaches these skills in a highly-customized manner. We also undertake Strategic Projects on behalf of companies and other organizations to implement effective organizational structure and processes. Finally, we deliver lively and interesting Keynote Speeches to organizations and at special events to spread the word about the Power Charged Principles™ and the key determinants of success.

We invite you to learn more about our capabilities by reviewing the detailed information given on each service’s webpage. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you, your employees, or your organization get Power Charged.

• Prioritize
• Observe
• Win-Win
• Empathize
• Respect
• Confidence
• Humor
• Appreciation
• Responsibility
• Growth
• Enthusiam
• Determination