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Power Charged Training

Power Charged Training

Training can radically boost employee effectiveness
Employees are an organization’s most valuable asset. A company may have a great strategy, but that strategy is only relevant to the extent its people can execute the strategy. A company may have important physical assets or intellectual property, but those assets will waste away without skilled employees who can maximize their value. Capable employees, who are effective and productive in their jobs, are essential to an organization’s success.

In today’s competitive market environment, employees are expected to handle more responsibility with fewer resources. They are working longer and harder, yet their work is increasingly subject to forces beyond their immediate control. Few employees have perfected the skills necessary to meet these grueling demands and to excel in their jobs. As a result, employee stress and frustration lead to lower morale and eventual burnout. Since productivity remains at a reduced level, your organization ultimately suffers.

Just as physical assets require maintenance in order to achieve peak performance, so do human assets. A critical aspect of maintaining your human resources is training and development. Companies spend significant financial resources compensating their employees, yet seldom maximize the return on that investment. Employees are usually skilled within their particular functional expertise, but often lack broader effectiveness skills, and as a result cannot achieve their full potential. Investing in the right training will boost employee performance and productivity, leading to greater results and profitability for your organization.

Power Charged Training helps employees become more effective, allowing them to operate at their highest potential. We teach our proprietary Power Charged™ model, with its 12 principles of effectiveness, in a systematic yet lively, interesting, and relevant manner. After Power Charged Training, employees will be better equipped to handle daily challenges that arise in their jobs, resulting in higher personal and organizational performance.

Workshop / Seminar Options

Power Charged Training workshops are highly interactive, with ample opportunity for participation. We engage participants in order to maintain interest levels and increase learning. Power Charged Training makes extensive use of illustrative examples, which make the material much more tangible, memorable, and relevant for participants. We use hundreds of real-life case studies from business, politics, sports, entertainment, and other newsworthy events. Other examples are tailored to the backgrounds and job responsibilities of participants. Every example clearly demonstrates the application of one or more of the Power Charged Principles™, shows an unmistakable action to consequence relationship, and enhances learning. Individual and group exercises further reinforce the material. We allow time for group discussion and reflection on how the material is directly relevant to each individual, and provide opportunity for participants to comment and ask questions.

Seminars are abbreviated versions of our workshops. Seminars teach most of the key lessons of its corresponding workshop, but use fewer illustrative examples, and allow significantly less time for discussion, exercises, and Q&A. We typically recommend a workshop over a seminar. With workshops, participants are more engaged, and are therefore better able to learn and retain the valuable information that is covered. Seminars are appropriate for clients who may have time or budgetary restrictions.

3-day Workshop / 2-day Seminar

Our signature workshop / seminar provides training on the entire Power Charged system of effectiveness. We discuss all 12 Power Charged Principles in a comprehensive manner. Participants learn many valuable skills, including how to effectively:
• Prioritize among competing projects and relationships
• Manage their time to achieve results
• Observe and adapt to changes in the marketplace
• Negotiate for resources and commitments
• Build and maintain positive working relationships
• Develop confidence to handle challenging situations
• Communicate with others in different contexts
• Use humor to relieve tension and build bonds
• Take charge of complex situations
• Create and achieve personal development goals

2-day Workshops / 1-day Seminars

Our 2-day workshops and 1-day seminars teach the Power Charged material that pertains to an important business or employee development issue. Rather than covering the Power Charged skills in a comprehensive manner, we extract only the content that is relevant to the specific topic, and delve deeper into this content than our signature workshop / seminar. Our 2-day workshops / 1-day seminars include:
• Communicating Effectively
• Negotiating Successfully
• Peak Individual Performance
• Group Dynamics and Teamwork
• Coaching and Developing Your Team
• Leadership Development
• Innovation and Creativity in Business
• Change Management
• Sales and Customer Service

We can also custom design a workshop or seminar to meet your specific needs (a one-time fee or multi-workshop commitment applies).

1-day Workshops

Our 1-day workshops focus in greater depth specifically on one of the twelve Power Charged Principles. We offer eleven 1-day workshops (Humor and Enthusiasm are combined into one workshop). These workshops are best for organizations that wish to offer extensive training on one specific type of skill at a given time.

To learn more about how Power Charged Training can benefit your organization, please contact us.

• Prioritize
• Observe
• Win-Win
• Empathize
• Respect
• Confidence
• Humor
• Appreciation
• Responsibility
• Growth
• Enthusiam
• Determination