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Executive Coaching

Executives and entrepreneurs face intense pressure and constant challenges in their professional lives.  Despite having significant influence and control, they must answer to certain stakeholders (e.g. the CEO, a Board of Directors, financial investors, etc.) who expect exceptional performance.  The variety of situations that these individuals face stretches the skills of even the most talented professional.  They must tirelessly demonstrate superb leadership, managerial, and people skills.

Just as physical assets require maintenance in order to achieve peak performance, so do human assets.  Leaders are usually skilled within their particular functional expertise, but often lack broader effectiveness skills and as a result cannot achieve their full potential.

 No matter how much success you may have achieved, you have aspects on which you can improve.  We all have weaknesses that hinder our effectiveness and satisfaction.  We all have development needs.  


Individuals often have difficulty recognizing their own faults due to familiarity, emotional reactions, and defense mechanisms.  Recognizing, acknowledging, and determining how to overcome flaws becomes much easier with the assistance of a skilled, impartial coach who can more accurately assess the situation and provide insights that are not apparent to you.  Investing in the right coaching will boost executive performance and productivity, leading to greater results and profitability for your organization.


Power Charged Coaching™ is highly customized based on each client's development needs.  We focus on developing productive individuals who can thrive at work, maintain positive working relationships, and enjoy a fulfilling professional and personal life.  We begin each assignment by having the client complete a detailed self-evaluation form.  With the client’s permission, we also conduct a 360 degree feedback process, in which other individuals with whom our client interacts complete a similar evaluation.  We may also interview such individuals and directly observe our client's interactions with these individuals, to gather additional data, more accurately diagnose problems, and suggest relevant solutions.  This entire process helps us identify the client’s strengths and weaknesses, and identify gaps between self-perception and how others view our client.  


Based on this evaluation process, we jointly establish a personal development action plan.  We work closely with each client to amplify strengths and overcome weaknesses, and to help him or her succeed in the individually designed program, tracking progress along the way.  Throughout the process, we maintain strict confidentiality.  With Power Charged Coaching, executives will be better equipped to handle daily challenges that arise in their jobs and operate at their highest potential, resulting in higher personal and organizational performance.


Our Executive Coaching is based on our Power Charged framework of effectiveness.  We work on developing many skills with clients, including how to effectively: 

  • Prioritize among competing projects and relationships

  • Manage their time to achieve results

  • Observe and adapt to changes in the marketplace

  • Negotiate for resources and commitments

  • Build and maintain positive working relationships

  • Develop confidence to handle challenging situations

  • Communicate with others in different contexts

  • Use humor to relieve tension and build bonds

  • Take charge of complex situations

  • Self-manage with a focus on sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management

  • Create and achieve personal and professional development goals


To learn more about how you or those on your executive team can benefit from Power Charged Coaching, please contact us.

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