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Keynote Speeches

Power Charged Consulting’s® Founder and President, Vinay Narang, is an expert in individual, group, and organizational effectiveness.  He is a dynamic speaker who delivers interesting and lively talks and speeches to organizations and at special events.  


The length of the speech, as well as the inclusion or exclusion of a Q&A period, can be structured based on your agenda and format.  Speeches include real-life case studies from business, politics, sports, entertainment, and other newsworthy events to make the material more tangible and relevant to the audience.  Topics typically revolve around one or more of the Power Charged Principles or their underlying components, but can be customized to your needs.  

Examples of topics that Mr. Narang can talk on include:

  • An overview of the Power Charged Principles

  • Prioritizing time and relationships

  • Self-analysis to boost self-awareness

  • Observing and adapting to marketplace changes

  • Successful negotiation strategy

  • Group dynamics and teamwork

  • Coaching and developing your team

  • Effective communication strategies

  • Establishing a culture of respect

  • Importance of ethical behavior

  • Developing and projecting confidence

  • Achieving peak personal performance

  • Setting and achieving goals


Among the types of events that Mr. Narang is available to speak at include: 

  • Corporate management retreats

  • Company-wide employee meetings

  • Industry conferences

  • Professional association meetings

  • Conventions

  • Kick-off / launch events


To learn more about how you can engage Mr. Narang to speak to your organization or at your event, please contact us.

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