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Power Charged

At the heart of all our services is our proprietary Power Charged™ framework of effectiveness, which was developed based on extensive research on traits that distinguish successful individuals, groups, and organizations.  We identified twelve critical skills that successful individuals and organizations typically possess.  Power Charged is an acronym; each letter stands for one of twelve Power Charged Principles™.

The 12 Power Charged Principles incorporate important “soft skills” such as time management, negotiating, maintaining productive relationships, leading others, projecting confidence, reducing stress, and achieving goals.  Without these skills, you may be able to perform your job, but you are unlikely to achieve substantial success in your career or happiness.  You can experience substantial improvement in productivity and satisfaction by following the Power Charged Principles.

From an individual effectiveness perspective, some of the underlying skills incorporated into each Power Charged Principle include:


  • Identifying priorities

  • Analyzing relationships

  • Prioritizing tasks and projects

  • Time management

  • Organization benefits and processes


  • Idea generation

  • Embracing change

  • Active listening

  • Observing body language

  • Self-awareness and analysis

  • Learning from mistakes

  • Challenging assumptions

  • Asking effective questions

Win - Win

  • Preparing for negotiations

  • Managing negotiation issues

  • Interpersonal negotiation strategies

  • Group negotiations

  • Post-negotiation behavior

  • Creating buy-in


  • Considering others' perspectives

  • Tailoring your message

  • Giving advice and criticizing

  • Anticipating others' reactions

  • Connecting with others


  • Self-respect

  • Setting an example

  • Ethical behavior

  • Earning respect from others

  • Managing with respect

  • Respectful communications


  • Developing self-confidence

  • Advance preparations

  • Projecting confidence

  • Speaking with confidence

  • Public speaking


  • Using humor

  • Appropriateness of humor

  • Developing your sense of humor



  • Keeping your perspective

  • Appreciating and recognizing others



  • Managing negative emotions

  • Moving beyond blame

  • Apologizing sincerely

  • Accepting responsibility

  • Proactively improving situations


  • Sleeping soundly

  • Eating nutritiously

  • Exercising regularly

  • Stress management

  • Developing a learning mindset

  • Building key relationships

  • Finding purpose


  • Enthusiastic interactions

  • Having fun


  • Establishing goals

  • Identifying change inhibitors

  • Developing motivation to change

  • Appropriate risk taking

  • Achieving goals

From an organizational effectiveness perspective, some of the underlying skills associated with each Power Charged principle that we can help you address include:


  • Identifying company priorities

  • Prioritizing projects and objectives

  • Employee time management

  • Organizational structure and design


  • Observing marketplace changes

  • Change management

Win - Win

  • Managing company negotiations

  • Creating buy-in


  • Understanding employee perspectives

  • Performance appraisal

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion


  • Treating employees with respect

  • Treating customers with respect

  • Managing with respect

  • Respectful communications


  • Managing company image

  • Confident corporate communications


  • Using humor in communications



  • Appreciating and recognizing employees



  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Finding solutions / avoiding blame

  • Encouraging employee initiative


  • Managing growth

  • Developing a learning mindset

  • Building key relationships


  • Enthusiastic employee interactions

  • Developing a positive work environment


  • Employee goal setting

  • Establishing company goals

  • Identifying change inhibitors

  • Achieving company goals

To learn more about how you, your leadership team, or your organization can benefit from the Power Charged framework of effectiveness, please see Services.

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