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About Us

Our Founder and President, Vinay Narang, formed Power Charged Consulting® to help individuals, groups, and organizations achieve higher levels of success. As individuals gain skills through a formal education and various jobs, they typically are exposed to very specific functional skills that are relevant to performing a certain type of job. Often missing, however, are the broader effectiveness skills that lead to peak performance. Furthermore, organizational structure typically arises based on expediency. Often missing, however, are strategic processes that enable employee performance. Power Charged Consulting fills in these gaps.

At the heart of all our services is our proprietary Power Charged™ system of effectiveness, which was developed based on extensive research on traits that distinguish successful individuals, groups, and organizations. These traits include skills such as time management, negotiating, maintaining productive relationships, leading others, projecting confidence, reducing stress, and achieving goals. Without these skills, you may be able to perform your job, but you are unlikely to achieve success in your career or happiness in your personal life.

We teach these and many more skills in our training programs and coaching service, raise awareness of these skills in our keynote speeches, and apply the Power Charged Principles to organizations in our strategic projects. We use hundreds of real-life case studies from business, politics, sports, entertainment, and other newsworthy events in order to make the concepts more tangible. Although we cannot guarantee any specific results, we are confident that you will experience substantial improvement in productivity and satisfaction in both your personal and professional lives by following the Power Charged Principles.

• Prioritize
• Observe
• Win-Win
• Empathize
• Respect
• Confidence
• Humor
• Appreciation
• Responsibility
• Growth
• Enthusiam
• Determination